Surrounded by the sea and nature, enjoy some wonderful time on the Amakusa islands.

See, hear, and experience a journey on Amakusa

Our hotel is on the Amakusa islands, which are surrounded by the sea and nature. Here you can enjoy leisurely activities such as fishing and sea bathing, as well as have your fill of delicious seafood.

It is also the Christian homeland for Amakusa Shirō, and so there are plenty of people who come here to learn about history too.

See, hear, and experience Amakusa. Please enjoy a wonderful stay at our hotel.


An ocean view that spreads out before your very eyes!

The Tomioka Beach Resort is located just in front of our hotel, with its ultra-clear water beach it finds more than its fair share of beach going customers during the summer time.
Staring at the setting sun on the horizon, or taking a stroll along the coast with the pleasant fresh air of the early morning, this spot is popular even when it's not the water bathing season. Here you can experience the gentle and leisurely flow of time at Amakusa.


Guest Room

Starting with our traditional Japanese tatami rooms, we have twin western rooms, and single western rooms.


Japanese Room


Twin Room


Single Room

Check In


Check Out


Credit Card


Room Facility / Amenity

Hand Towel / Bath Towel / Face Towel / Bath mat / Room Ware (Yukata, Hanten) / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body sap / Tooth brash and Tooth Paste /  Bathroom / Shower Toilet




Enjoy the flavor of Amakusa's four seasons

You can have meals at our 'Restaurant Shikizaki' located on the first floor of our hotel. At Restaurant Shikizaki, where you can taste the seasonal food of Amakusa, we have prepared a large number of meals for our guests to enjoy, including fresh seafood. Please enjoy your meals with friends and family.

(We cannot respond to any sudden same-day dinner additions, so if any guests plan to have dinner here please book the two meal plan.)




Baths with unbroken views of the ocean

Our baths at our hotel are actually slightly warm natural springs. You can relax here in our quiet and comfortable ocean-view baths.

Open Hours

Evening:15:00 - 23:00
Morning:6:00 - 9:00 

Bath info

One men's bath   one women's bath (Morning and evening substitution system, for example the men's bathing room in the morning becomes the women's bathing room in the evening and vice versa)

Spring Quority

Alkaline simple hot springs


Fatigue recovery, back pain, muscle pain, joint pain and more


Shampoo/Conditoner/Body soap/Cotton swab/Tissue/ Brush/ Razor(Front desk)

【Only for Women】Lotion/Milky Lotion/Make-up Remover/ Face Wash 

Other Facilities




Front Desk


6:00 - 23:00




6:00 - 22:00



By Car

For those coming from Fukuoka

  • Take the Kyushu Expressway towards Kagoshima

  • Matsubashi IC

  • Take National Route 266

  • Take National Route 324 towards to Amakusa Hondo

    about 140 minutes

  • To Amakusa Reihoku Town (Tomioka)

    About 40 minutes

  • Shikisakikan

By Bus

For those coming from Hondo

  • Hondo Bus Center

    Take the Bus for Tomioka Port from Hondo Bus Center, and it takes about 50 minuets. (Fare: about 880 JPY)

  • Get off at Tomioka 3 chou-me

    Walk for 2 minutes


Amakusa Air line

Form Fukuoka Airport

  • Fukuoka Airport

    About 35 minutes

  • Amakusa Airport

  • Rental car or Bus

    【Rental car】Toyota Rental Car Amakusa shop  TEL: 0969-23-0100

    【バス】Take a bus for Hondo Bus center first, and take another bus for Tomioka port


From Aso Kumamoto Airport

  • Aso Kumamoto Airport

    About 20 minutes

  • Amakusa Airport

  • Rental car or Bus

    【Rental car】Toyota Rental Car Amakusa shop  TEL: 0969-23-0100

    【バス】Take a bus for Hondo Bus center first, and take another bus for Tomioka port


By Ferry

From Nagasaki Mogi Port

  • Mogi Port

    High-Speed Ferry ※Please note that this is not a Car Ferry

    About 45 minuets

    【Mogi Port】095-836-2613

    【Tomioka Port】0969-35-0705

  • Tomioka Port

    10 minutes walk


From Nagasaki Kuchinotsu Port

  • Kuchinotsu Port

    About 30 minutes

    【Kuchinotsu Port Office】TEL: 0957-86-2165

    【Oniike Port Office】TEL: 0969-32-1727

  • Oniike Port

    20 minutes by car


From Nagajima Kuranomoto Port, Kagoshima

  • Kuchinotsu Port

    About 30 minutes

    【Kuchinotsu Port Office】TEL: 0996-88-5689

    【Ushibuka Port】TEL: 0969-72-3807 


    About 80 minutes by car




Staying and room

Yes. We have some. Please consult us beforehand if you would like to use them. We have limited seats available.

*The elderly and guests will leg problems will be given priority. We hope that you are understanding.

Please contact us the moment you realize that it has been canceled. If we know it has been canceled early enough then we can guide you to a different land route. Please consult us if you absolutely need to cancel or change your stay with us.


We are terribly sorry but in that case your booking will either be registered as 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child (Fixed as two people)

We are terribly sorry. All of our Japanese-style rooms and twin rooms are non-smoking.

All of our rooms come with an ocean view. The Amakusa-nada Sea stretches out before your very eyes.  The color of the ocean also changes depending on the weather

The check-in time is from 3:00pm, and the check-out time is up to 10:00am. Please contact us by phone if you wish to arrive earlier.

*This will not be possible on some days.


For guests who have dinner included in their stay: Guests in the tourist plan option can choose to have their dinner from 5:00pm, 6:00pm, or 7:00pm.

Business guests can enter anytime from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. If you are going to have dinner past 8:00pm then it will be left for you.

For guests in groups, we will inquire about your options when you make your reservation over the phone.

 For guests who have breakfast included in their stay: Breakfast will be available from 7:00am - 9:00am. (Please be in the hall by 8:45am)

We ask that you enter the hall during the normal dinner time of 5:00pm - 8:00pm. Please consult the hotel if you will be unable to make it on time. We may be able to leave you your dinner depending on what it is, and it may be disposed of if it is past 9:00pm.

We are terribly sorry but we cannot offer baby food.

For guests staying multiple nights, we will discuss with the cooking staff and try to offer you different meals to the ones you had on your first night. However, depending on the day's stock situation and the season, we may need to offer you the same meals again.

We are terribly sorry, but we do not allow for food to be taken to guest rooms. You may use the food hall (The first floor Restaurant Shikizaki or the lake area). There are no seat designations.


Yes. One is located next to the front of the first floor. It is available from 6:30am - 10:00pm.

We have juice and beer vending machines on the second floor, and there is also a juice machine just outside of the restaurant. We do not handle cigarettes.

You can use the washing and drying machines at our establishment for free. Guests who are staying multiple nights or who are going to bathe in the sea can rest assured. 

*We do not carry any detergent, so please bring your own.

Public Bath

We are terribly sorry, but you cannot. There are the Rinsen Hot Springs which are about 5 minutes away by car, and the Shimoda Hot Springs which are about 15 minutes away. It seems they have reserved baths available. We will show you how to get to them.

Access and Parking

We are terribly sorry, but you may not get any results using our phone number.

Near our hotel is a school called the 'Former   Kumamoto Prefectural Reiyou Senior High School' = Amakusa Prefectural Takushin High School marine building (0969-35-1155).

So please look for us using that number.

Our hotel is roughly one kilometer directly away from the school on the left hand side. We recommend using highway 324 for any guests coming in from Hondo in Amakusa City.

There is a bus that departs for the Tomioka Port from the Honda Bus Center. (It takes roughly 50 minutes)

Get off at the Tomioka 3-Chome bus stop, and then you will need to walk for about 3 minutes. Once you go back home, just take a bus from Tomioka Port. That will take about 10 minutes to walk to. 

We have one space prepared near our front entrance.

We are often used by people touring Amakusa using their bikes. Bicycles may be stored in single or twin rooms (Not possible for Japanese-style rooms), or in the space next to the banquet hall.

Staying with your children

What meals can my children eat?

The plate in the picture is made from a menu which includes sashimi, chawanmushi, miso soup, and apple juice.

You can also change them to the adult menu. (Plan fees will occur however)

We recommend changing your children’s menu to the adult menu for guests with upper class elementary children.


Yes. For seeing eye dogs it is possible. However, we strictly prohibit other pets from staying with us.

Hotel surroundings

There are none around the hotel. There is a Daily Yamazaki and FamilyMart five minutes away by car however.

Right in front of our hotel extends the Tomioka Beach Resort.

You can use the resort before you check-in and check-in even while you are there, all you need to do is inquire.

There are a lot of guests who check-in at 3:00pm and then use the resort.

Why not try our natural springs on our hotel’s fifth floor’s large bath area after you have finished swimming?


Book a taxi with Reihoku Taxis at [0969-35-0075]. It normally takes about five minutes for a taxi to arrive.

We have free Wi-Fi throughout our entire establishment.

In Japan there is a local tax called a bathing tax, it is ¥150 per adult, and you need to pay for it separately even if you have already settled the accommodation fees. You still need to pay it even if you do not use the bathing facilities, we hope that you are understanding.

We're looking forward to seeing you in Amakusa